Thursday, May 30, 2013

A New World Record? (Welcome to This Blog)

I'm not referring to the 1976 album by the British electro-pop geniuses, E.L.O, I'm talking about myself. I'm wondering if my Sweet Perfection Cakes blog actually holds a world record.

I'll explain.

When I began the long road towards this full-time obsession that is my business, one of my first concerns was to find a business name that said something about not only my business, but me as well.

At this point, I will share with you with my first piece of wisdom. For any dewy-eyed home baker wishing to join the masses in this glamorous world of making specialty cakes, be prepared: all the good names are taken. My advice? Think laterally.

Find a large empty question mark in which to think laterally.

(photo by  Master isolated images,

I chose "Sweet Perfection" not because I have some huge ego problem and think my cakes are the epitome of perfection. It was a tongue-in-cheek reference to the one thing that defines me; my perfectionist tendencies.

Okay, I can see you're rolling your eyes. Because you know how there are those people who say, "Oh, I'm such a perfectionist..", like it's a clever, self-deprecating way of giving themselves a high-five for being so damned good at everything they do. Yeah, you do. Well, that's not perfectionism.

I called my cakery "Sweet Perfection" because I aim for perfection in my work, play, organisation and even in everyday minor choices...everything. Doesn't mean I get there. The number one thing that stops me is a paralysis brought about by too much choice, too many ideas and a huge fear of not getting it perfect. So the business name, in a way, is my goal. Striving towards (sweet) perfection. Think of the name as a verb and you're with me.

Which leads me to the first post in my blog today.

Do you know how long ago it was that I set up this very blog?  Literally years have elapsed, chock-filled with procrastination, fiddling with templates, planning posts, researching and reviewing, and reading up on expert how-to's. Years, I tellya.

Perfectionism and procrastination are happy, but self-sabotaging, bedfellows. I wanted to get it perfect right from the start. Now you can see how this blog never took off when I set it up with all those good intentions.

So today, I'm closing my eyes and taking a dip into this inky pool of bloggy goodness. I hope as I continue adding to my blog that I'll make some sense to someone who is interested in the challenges of making custom cakes when the western world is drowning in reality TV baking and cooking shows.

It's a platform for me to talk about the cake business, weddings, wedding cakes, baking from scratch, client care and that which lies at the heart of this profession: art.

I doubt that I did set some kind of a new world record for longest-running blog without a single post. My chances now are blown, anyhow. But I hope you'll read on and enjoy the blog in any case.

Welcome :-)

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